Will You Pass Microsoft MB-210 Testat the First Attempt Using Exam Dumps or Not?

Microsoft MB-210 is designed for the Dynamics 365 functional consultants who have sales skills and experience. They are responsible for the implementation of solutions that support the sales life cycle to run effectively and efficiently to attain business strategies, company objectives, and revenue targets. The candidates for this exam are responsible for the expansion and configuration of core functionality of Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, as well as support of entities to chart the course of sales processes at any organization. In addition to this, they have the capacity to recognize opportunities to utilize PowerApps for mobile applications, business process flows, Microsoft flow for the application integration, and some other automation devices to develop apps that accelerate and support the “lead to cash journey” of an organization.

Microsoft MB-210

Exam Details

To be able to work through the Microsoft MB-210 dumps test, it is recommended that the candidates have excellent business knowledge as well as first-person experience in one or more roles in the world of sales. It is important to mention that this exam is part of the prerequisites for earning the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate certification. In addition to this test, the students also have to pass one more exam, Microsoft MB-200, to be able to obtain this certificate. The second test is designed to evaluate one’s ability in specific areas. The individuals for the Microsoft MB-200exam should have skills in performing discovery, analysis, and planning; managing the user experience design; managing data and entities; implementing integration; as well as performing solutions deployment& testing.

The Exam-labs MB-210 certification exam, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, is available in the English language and seeks to evaluate the technical skills of the candidates in performing configuration, managing sales entities, and managing core sales entity. To write this test, the applicants have to pay the fee of $165, and register and schedule the exam at Pearson VUE.

Exam Topics

The technical skills that will be measuredin the Microsoft MB-200 exam are:

  • Performing Configuration: 40-45%;
  • Managing Sales Entities: 20-25%;
  • Managing Core Sales Entities: 35-40%.

The percentage on each subject indicates the weight of questions that may be expected from each of them. In other words, the exam objectives with a higher percentage will probably have more questions than those with a lower percentage.

Before you embark on sourcing for study materials, first of all, it is crucial that you understand the exam topics in detail. Without adequate knowledge of these objectives, you won’t be able to choose your prep resources appropriately therefore you may have issues distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant materials. We have provided the topic areas as given by Microsoft in this post. Read on to know more about the Microsoft MB-210 exam objectives.

  • Performing Configuration: 40-45%

This topic makes up the highest content in the Microsoft MB-210 exam. The implication of this is that the candidates must pay adequate attention to the study of this area as it can make a big difference in the outcome of their attempt. The objective requires that the individuals develop skills in configuring sales settings. This means they should have capacity in configuring sales territories, default revenue type, auto number settings, and business closures. They also need to develop the skills in configuring fiscal year, currencies, sales team roles, sales security roles, and the goal management elements. The students also need to have skills in creating and managing sales collateral and configuring relationship cards.

The test takers should also be able to configure processes, including configuring record creation rules and configuring out-of-the-box sales business process flows. They also need competence in creating and configuring sales visualizations, which cover configuring the sales content pack for Microsoft Power BI; configuring sales dashboards; creating and designing sales charts; implementing and analyzing sales reports. There is also the need to understand what it takes to configure integration using external sales applications. This entails implementing Sales Insights, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and a social selling assistant.

  • Managing Core Sales Entities: 20-25%

The individuals planning to write the Microsoft MB-210 exam must develop expertise in creating and managing leads. This covers creating and searching for leads; converting activities to leads; performing lead qualification; configuring status reasons. You also need to be able to manage and create opportunities. This means you have to build the expertise in creating and searching for opportunities; closing opportunities as lost or won; tracking stakeholders & sales team; configuring status reasons; including product line items to available opportunity.

  • Managing Sales Entities: 35-40%

This topic also carries a high percentage, which means you have to dedicate enough time to your study. You are required to know how to create & manage quotes. This means you have to be equipped with skills that will assist you in adding quotes to opportunities; editing quotes in different stages; sending quotes to customers; creating a template from a quote; converting quotes to orders.

It is also required that the students develop skills in creating and managing sales order processing, including creating and managing orders; creating and managing invoices; creating and managing competitors. They also need to gain mastery in creating and managing product & product catalog. This covers configuring product families, products, and bundles, as well as configuring price lists unit groups, discount lists, and a product lifecycle.

Preparation Process

When it comes to preparing for these topics, there are numerous prep tools that you can access. Microsoft offers numerous study resources that the candidates can use, including instructor-led and self-paced training, books and study guides, practice tests. In addition to the materials available on the Microsoft webpage, there are other platforms where one can access valid prep tools. If you are looking for the relevant exam dumps, video tutorials, practice tests, and blog articles, Exam-Labs has a lot to offer you. You can explore the site to see various study materials available for your effective preparation process.


These are the exam details and topics that the candidates need to study during their preparation for Microsoft MB-210. We also recommend that you check the certification page to explore the recommended study tools for this test. Don’t forget that your training is impossible without Exam-Labs. So, visit this platform to find your best prep resources.

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