Top 5 Websites For WordPress Course

WordPress is the software used to publish websites, blogs, and survey forms. This is undoubtedly the easiest software to make a website. Even if you know a little bit about Microsoft Word, you can make a blog or website by using this software without learning more. It has become as powerful as according to a survey more than 36% entire web is powered by it.

There are many online companies and websites which are offering courses for WordPress. It is a difficult task to choose the best one of all. So we have made a list of Top 5 Websites for WordPress Course to make it easy for you. These days, all the websites require installation of SSL certificates just to keep them secure, the website is showing secure when SSL certificate is connected. Codex Codex is an online manual book hosted by It is the most useful and trustworthy platform among all to learn WordPress online. This course is offered free of cost by This course discusses all the issues in-depth and has a proper guideline. Apart from these WordPress courses website, you can also check this blogging website- Onghaei for content marketing.

WordPress TV

WordPress TV is also a project of Unlike Codex’s online manual book, it has video-based learning. It has tutorial videos about WordPress learning. It is totally free and has no subscription fee at all. This platform also has the ability to browse specific videos in a preferred language.


Udemy is the world’s best and largest online course provider. It has hundreds of courses about WordPress and all of them are worth learning. Some of them are paid and some are offered totally free. It has the best course plan for users who have not plenty of free time. It has tutorial based videos and most of the videos are shorter even than youtube videos.

Web Courses is a platform that gathered all the free courses offered by Udemy on a single page. It is a difficult task to search the course that is offered for free on Udemy but this website minimizes this worry. All the free courses WordPress offered by Udemy are available here for free. This platform has no subscription fee at all.


LearnWoo is a content-based online learning platform. The platform has a blog as well as a video section to learn WordPress. There are more than 100 articles about learning WordPress in its blog section. These articles cover all the things related to WordPress, from beginning to publish your own website. There are also many videos covering WordPress learning in detail. The courses are not free but you can search for free coupons to avail of these courses for free.        

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