Top 4 Essential Strategies for Students to Create Outstanding Digital Resumes To Get Hired

In the current digital era, many people looking for employment are choosing to create digital resumes to help them find a great job. For students hoping to start a career in fields such as digital marketing, web design and development, or ghostwriting jobs , for example, it is almost necessary to have a digital resume to emphasize their skills from the moment they apply for a job.

  • The Digital Resume 

It seems like requirements are always changing when it comes to finding employment. Nowadays, many employers are asking job applicants to provide their blogs, web pages, and social media accounts. Some even require candidates to have a Smartphone. Digital resumes are the current big thing in the employment market. 

Due to the existence of so many different definitions from individuals in varied fields of business, it is difficult to pin down the exact meaning of a digital resume. However, for your resume to be digital, you need to be able to link to it online. Any information about your employment history that you place on your LinkedIn account, for example, or the PDF you upload to a resume database, is a digital resume. 

  • Expert Advice on Creating the Best Digital Resume to Get Hired

If you are not getting any job interviews or expressions of interest after sending multiple job applications, chances are you are using a dull resume. Fortunately, when it comes to using creativity when building a digital resume, the sky is the limit. It is in the best interest of job seekers to go all out and try to capture the attention of potential employers by making their resumes as visually appealing and informative as possible, especially if they are in the creative field of business.

If you are a student or recent graduate, you need to identify and understand the top essential strategies for students to create outstanding digital resumes to get hired. Some of the best strategies include:

  1. Choose the Right Platform

This is the first step towards creating an outstanding digital resume, and it often depends on how much effort you put into it and the field of work you are targeting. You can use a good online template to customize your resume or build a site using an easy-to-use CS site if you want to update your resume on a regular basis. 

Both of these options come with specific benefits. An online resume template is easier to create and manage; however, having a website highlighting your experience and skills is more impressive. It will also give you the ability to add helpful content, such as articles, photographs, and videos.

  1. Include Rich Media

This strategy will help you stand out from other applicants. Adding a professionally shot photograph of yourself in a good suit and tie to your digital resume, for example, can help you land a corporate job. If you are hoping to find a travel industry job, upload photos and/or videos of yourself standing beside famous landmarks or visiting exotic places.

  1. Understand the Power of Content

Once you capture the attention of potential employers using the strategies outlined above, you need to keep them interested in using the content or details of your resume and application. Essentially, your content needs to explain clearly why hiring you will benefit your organization. You should also include links to your LinkedIn profile or professional Twitter account, as well as your contact details.

  1. Use Keywords

You need to ensure that your digital resume contains relevant keywords and phrases targeting the industry and position in which you hope to find a job. Keywords are essential if you want employers to find your resume in the first place. By using keywords properly, your resume will appear on relevant search results, which will improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Creating an excellent digital resume is more difficult than it sounds. You need to shine the spotlight on your skills and competencies without seeming arrogant or boastful. At the same time, you need to look like you know what you are talking about and doing. Essentially, you need to know how to sell yourself to potential employers if you hope to land your dream job.

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