Tips For Using Social Media Properly For Real Estate

While businesses come in all shapes and sizes, they can have great benefits from the smart social presence. All the businesses around the world want to get the limelight, become famous amongst their target audience. Most businesses only need the exposure that is not easily available. Especially when you are talking about the real estate business and marketers, most people see it as boring all-business talking. Therefore, to attract their target audiences, real estate marketers also have to change their strategies.

Tips For Using Social Media

Social media is a great place where many people spend a lot of time online. Many people with different mindsets and from around the world spend most of their time on social media. Therefore, many people, especially business marketers, are trying to use social media for real estate marketing as well. The Real estate intro videos are also very important if you are trying to opt for video marketing. Here, we will talk about why you ought to try social media platforms to achieve growth faster in your business.

Before that, here are some statistics to tell you how social media can help in the growth of your business:

As per a study by the National Association of Realtors, social media have become the integrals to score more clients for your business. According to the study

●       77% of realtors are actively using social media for real estate in some ways, in different shapes and forms as well.

●       47% of Real estate businesses have agreed that social media will result in the highest quality leads against the other different sources.

●       99% of the Millennials and also almost 90% of baby boomers start their searches online.

These numbers are enough to tell you how doing marketing for real estate is a gold mine for these kinds of businesses. Check out the different Real estate marketing tools we have provided below and how to use social media for your real estate business.

Real estate marketing tools:

When you are working on Real estate companies, you are very busy. So, you have to prioritize the time to focus on your social media marketing platforms. Well, that makes sense. But, if you want to get success in doing what you are doing, you have to prioritize your time on social media marketing platforms, and yes, that makes sense. Based on the NAR study that was previously noted, Facebook (97%), Instagram (39%), and LinkedIn (59%) are the websites that most of the Realtors pick. Here we are giving. The business destinations and real estate properties should be posted on social media handles like Herrgårdsweekend meetings of corporates should be shared on social media channels, the property itself will attract more people.

Facebook for Realtors:

Facebook, from the very beginning, has been one of the best social networking sites for Realtors around the world. The user demographics by Facebook represents your product only to the target audience. This way, most of the potential customers will provide these business features built into Facebook is the perfect thing for the real estate businesses.

The best benefit of using Facebook or pinterest as the best social networking website is It allows you to post listing related updates, blogs, different contents, videos related to your business, share links, and much more. This way, a business can reach its potential customers, and it can increase its range to reach more customers as well.

Another interesting feature you will get while using Facebook for advertisement is, you will get Facebook ads that will allow you to target the audience that has shown interest in buying a property in your area. The Facebook demographic does this wonder.

So, these are the reasons for the 97% Realtors picking Facebook.

LinkedIn for Realtors:

As a primary B2B network, LinkedIn does not always help in spotting potential clients for Real Estate marketers. However, there is fantastic potential in LinkedIn for the future Realtors, or emerging Real Estate business as well. It is an incredible way to show-off the industry experience you have. This is a great thing. LinkedIn is like a digital resume for most of the individual emerging and veteran realtors. However, it also helps many companies to have specific company pages where the employees might help you to share opportunities.

LinkedIn is an amazing means to promote your online presence. People, although they do not spend much time on their LinkedIn account, setting up a LinkedIn business page, will help you to promote your existence online, and it will help you to win the assurance of your customers as well.

Instagram for Realtors:

Instagram is the next big thing after Facebook for Real Estate marketers. It is absolutely booming for most of the real estate businesses in the area right now, and for rightful reasons. Instagram will help you to get the most stylish property photos ready to post. The editing option on Instagram is the best thing. And when these photos go with the popular content available on Instagram, it will surely get you the best luxury boutiques for real estate businesses. The platform has become a priority for many realtors than just being another social networking option for advertisements for them.

Moreover, Instagram also helps with different features. The Instagram stories will make it a cinch for the realtors to provide fast and personalized property updates each and every day. Hence, Instagram becomes another great social networking website for many realtors as well.

Even though we were talking about social networking websites and how they help in the growth of real estate businesses, here we will tell you about an application called YouTube and its benefits.


There are various benefits of the YouTube application for the Realtors in the market. Opening a YouTube channel for you and posting your business and related articles there will bring your business in more customer’s range. And if you can make proper YouTube videos with more news on your business and with appropriate intros and outros, you will grab the attention of more potential customers. This way, YouTube will also help you with the growth of your business.

So, these are some ways to use social media for the realtors and the benefits they will get from it. Check them out now.

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