Parashara light: Everything You Need To Know

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Time has a vital significance in moulding the life of every individual. The entire design of astrology lies on fundamentals of the evolution of time. We often hear the word Vedic astrology, which is related to the ancient and traditional system of Hindu Astrology or Jyotish Shastra. The classical text of Vedanga Jyotisha throws light on the topic called astronomy that is integrated within the Vedas. Through the scientific investigation of time along with a calculation of astronomical observations, we can seek an answer for the future events of our life.

This critical calculations and observations were earlier, manually made by the Astrologers. As technology is transforming, the benefits of Vedic Astrology can be easily calculated with the help of a leading software called Parashara Light. The involuted calculations of mathematics are synthesized with the latest technology of computer to reveal the details of past, present, and future life. Not only professionals but novices can also depend on the user-friendly technology of the software complemented with other features like accuracy, fast speed, an array of calculations, etc.

Features integrated into Parashara Light Software:

Personalized Tutorials: The tutorial is not only a guide on how to operate the software, but the 120 pages give an in-depth understanding regarding Vedic astrology starting from the beginners level, to intermediate level and finally to expert level. It is framed in a structured way and delineation that will help a user to analyze the techniques and calculations involved in a Vedic Astrology. Features like quick referencing from other worksheets further clear the concept of relevant calculation for planets.

Customizable Worksheet Screen: The worksheet screen of the parashara light software has a layout and content of birth charts, nakshatras, planetary degrees, dashas, etc that can be conveniently modified according to the needs of the customers. Simply make two clicks on the mouse to select any table or chart that can be instantly displayed on the screen. The dynamic designs allow a user to customize different charts simultaneously on the screens and take a printout according to their personal needs. Besides, you can select and click on an individual planet on the chart to know regarding its aspects, ruling, dignity, avastha, and more on a person’s horoscope.

Enhanced File Manager: The updated version of Parashara light software works efficiently by managing thousands of files at lightning speed. Now users can also import charts from the older version of this software. The charts can be added through the research features in your tailored groups. The sophisticated design of the software empowers a user to categorize the charts and store them in different groups. Through the organized file manager, you can add, copy, and delete chart with just a click on the mouse.

Enhanced Research Features: Through this feature, you can search for statistics and charts that allow you to have a glance at the 1001 Parashari yogas incorporated in the set of charts. Statistics have also included another category called ‘Bhavas’ on the group of the chart. Alongside there is also a provision to save the results in your group that can be accessed through a file manager.

Inbuilt accounting features: The inbuilt accounting features of Parashara light keeps track of all the reports that have been printed using the software. Formatted reports are also presented based on different criteria.

Summary on planetary reports: An overview of a planetary report is reflected on a page that is based on an extremely authentic model which interprets and evaluate the effect of a planet on a horoscope chart. A clear and reliable presentation displaying all the crucial calculations based on the position of the planet are also included in the report. Furthermore, attributes of a planet like strength, auspiciousness, significance, and qualities are covered in the chart report.

Comparative Analysis: There is a provision in the screen to place another person’s birth chart, dasha, or any other speciality chart beside your personal one on the worksheet. This is a highly effective way to determine potential compatibility and predict considerations on different aspects that involves two-person. The comparative analysis also helps to establish the kundali match-making between a prospective bride and groom. It supports compatibility through three systems of Kalapariksha, Dasha Koota, and Astha Koota. You just need to open both the charts and select your preferred compatibility system.

Integrated Data Entry: In a single screen, a user gets the facility to make data entry for different purposes. This helps a user to associate the specific and essential descriptions with every event. The navigation between different screens also becomes easily through this aspect of parashara light. 

Forgiving Atlas Lookup: This particular attribute helps to detect the typo error of the cities and provides automated results for similar cities you are searching in. This facility doesn’t take back to the parent dialogue and let you save your time.

Change Location Tool: Change Location allows the user to instantly click on the map and change the location of their birth interactively. All worksheets and charts will be automatically recalculated according to the new location.

Report Generation: The exclusive feature is the final horoscope report generation of parashara light software. The reports are beautifully presented and have a compact look. The reports can be scrolled down swiftly, and there is the provision for a separate preview for an individual report in a single page. There are also appropriate tools tips provided for navigation buttons on the page, which is effective in managing the user. The interactive features and personalized tutorials help the user to learn Vedic astrology without relying on an astrologer. The speciality tools and a vast range of calculations along with an efficient system of parashara light make it the choicest software for astrological predictions. The computer software has three versions for commercial, personal, and professional use, while the android has two versions meant for personal and professional use. This astrological software is now available in different languages like Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujrati for ease of the user.

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