How to Navigate with the Use of Maps.Me

One essential thing to have when traveling to a foreign land is a map. Especially to people who love to travel all the time, but bringing an actual map is somehow not appropriate anymore with the constant rise of technology in our time. It’s a good thing that they have already developed offline and online maps for us to use.

How to Navigate with the Use of Maps.Me

They are a great help for us if we want to find the best direction or route of where we want to go, and they are pretty accurate as well. The only downside of using online map apps is when we have an unreliable internet connection. They might give us inaccurate directions that would ultimately lead us to somewhere else.

Sometimes we can’t depend on the online map apps because we have to be connected to an internet connection when using them. This is the time when offline maps come into mind. You won’t have to worry anymore about the internet connection, and on the plus side, you get to save some of your mobile data.

How to Navigate with the Use of

Things to Know About Maps.Me

The Maps me app was formerly named MapsWithMe before and is available for Blackberry, iOS, and Android users. It is a free app that would provide users with an offline map with the use of OpenStreetMap data. You can use Maps.Me to find directions and to help you navigate wherever you are. 

It can be downloaded, and you’ll have free access maps and GPS even when you are not connected to the internet. This will help you in finding your perfect route, and at the same time, the exact distance from one point to another. This app is very useful when you are driving, touring abroad, hiking, biking, or just even walking. 

How to Use the GPS Services

If you want to activate the GPS service of this app, you have to enable your location services on your mobile device. This will enable your SIM to ping your location to cell towers. Additionally, with the aid of this app on your mobile device, you are permitted to utilize the data with offline maps. 

If your GPS function on your mobile device is turned on, you would still be able to see your location on this app even if you are not connected to an internet connection. This is because GPS services do not need cell phone signals for it to be functional. GPS functions separately with your signal, as long as you have already downloaded the required maps ahead of time.

Using Offline Maps

Just like what we have said, this app can be used even when you are offline. You just have to download all the required maps on your mobile device, which would then be stored in your SD card or internal memory. You can also search for location even when offline, you don’t need to be connected to the internet for you to do this.

This is extremely useful, especially when you’re traveling alone, and you don’t know anyone for you to ask directions. You are also able to locate the nearest ATM, pharmacy, public transportation, and etc. Just don’t forget to download the map before you go backpacking to different places.


What do you say? Isn’t this app very convenient and handy to have? All you have to do is just preload all the required maps, and then you are good to go. You don’t have to worry about losing your way anymore, as this app is pretty accurate and reliable. This is an amazing choice if you travel for work, and maybe want to navigate around the city, right?

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