7 Simple Tips to Get more Twitter Followers

Twitter is a social media handle, but let us tell you that it’s not just another status uploading platform. Twitter is real stuff, and you need to be careful with the words here. The war of generating a substantial number of followers is a biggie for sure, and you need to follow some guidelines to attract the target follower base. In this article, we have clocked down some amazing tips to gain an increased number of followers so you can buy Twitter followers or let’s get at it!

The Pictures Matter

You might be the most picture conscious person, but when you are on Twitter, people have the eagle eyes, and they pay keen attention to each aspect of the photo. When you are on Twitter, you need to upload the profile picture as well as the cover photo to authenticate yourself. If you are a business, you can upload the vector logo of the brand to tell the world about your presence. But if you are trying to build a Twitter profile generally, you need to add your personal photo to the profile picture. This step is essential as it differentiates the fake users with the lethal ones.

Be Unique With The Bio

When you are writing the bio, “never” copy anyone because it can tarnish your whole image as a person, and even as a brand. The first step is to tell the world what they are going to see if they hit the “follow” button. In the bio, you need to be clear what you talk about, and if you are a brand, tell them what you sell and offer. If you are a person, you can add your workplace or the employer to tell people about your expertise but never add the “hatching day” because let’s accept it, its gross and impractical and Twitter doesn’t have a place for such people. On twitter, you can use short url creators, check for Addnewurl.com

Be Consistent

Whenever we say this, people tend to start tweeting dozens a times a day, which doesn’t resonate our meaning behind these words. When we say to be consistent, we mean to state that tweet regularly rather than tweeting all the time. When you tweet daily, it poses a positive image in front of your target follower base as it engages them. When someone knows that you are going to say something meaningful on a daily basis, they will surely keep coming back daily, and you don’t want them to go empty-handed or empty brained.

The optimal tweets per day can be from three to five with the gap of a few hours each. If you tweet excessively every other minute, it will clog the follower’s feed, which might be something they don’t like. Also, when you are replying to someone’s comment, be sure to add their username before typing out the reply.

Tweet The Questions & Opinions

No, you aren’t tweeting just because you are on Twitter. As a social media user, you would be well-aware of the fact that the user base is limited on Twitter, and it’s easy to say that only the cream uses Twitter. These people are opinionated and have the ability to question something. When you are on Twitter, you need to keep your tweets opinionated as well to gain the attention of the follower base. Remember, one tweet goes a long way, and you need to be precise with the words.

Use The Hashtags

We cannot stress enough the importance of relevant and branded hashtags on Twitter. When you are on your way of attracting the user base, you need to be branded, and you need to be recognizable. If you are a brand, you need to develop a business-relevant tweet as it plays a significant role in letting the followers know about your work. Whenever you upload a tweet, add your personal hashtag with it. When someone types in the hashtag, your tweets will appear in the search results, which can earn you some followers without any hassle or a long list of to-dos.

Spread The URL

When you are on Twitter, you are going to be low on followers at the start. In order to make sure that you make it big, you need to copy the URL of your profile and send it to your friends and family, who are highly likely to follow you up. This is just another inducing activity to increase the number of followers.


Like any other social media platform, you need to communicate with the relevant people in the industry. So, whenever you see some new tweet that is relevant to the business, retweet it. The person who tweeted will get a notification of this, and they might start following you as well!

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