Account trading is more common than it seems in mobile games. From Pokemon GO to Clash Royale. Is it legal? Can they ban you? We’ll discuss the most critical points to keep in mind before buying or selling a gaming account.

Real-time multiplayer games have their own rules, both official and unofficial. Starting from scratch is not easy. You have to learn the mechanics, handle all the variables, and, most importantly, you end up facing inferior conditions than the rest.

The Massive Multiplayer Online Game sector offers various themes. It allows playing styles with several names that stand out from the rest. World of Warcraft, League of Legends, FarmVille, or Pokémon GO are some of the terms that attract millions of users. And all of them represent a more significant barrier to entry than other classic games.

Starting from scratch and lacking experience implies that our character is an easy target for the rest of the players. The novice players don’t get the objects, abilities, or magic that are far from their reach just because they lack level. Also check– Best Wireless gaming mouse


Cheats were always a popular thing in games. But in an online game, where there are millions of simultaneous players, there is no room for tricks. No one should have a benefit over the rest. However, many of those who advance sell their account with all the accumulated benefits.

It is an incentive for beginners and those who prefer to avoid the most monotonous part of the games. You have high levels, unattainable weapons for newbies, and improvements that can only come with experience.

If getting something is an effort, there will always be someone who will sell it to you to avoid working for it. It not only happens in the console and computer games but also in mobile games. If access is by account, there will always be someone who wants to skip the steps directly. And when you are willing to pay, many are eager to sell. However, you find the right platform for trading accounts. For example, this online accounting trading platform is a reliable place to buy or sell gaming accounts: You can buy or sell your account with peace of mind.


It was something we already knew, but it did not cease to amaze us. The market for Pokémon GO accounts is quite fruitful. Advancing in this game is not complicated, but it does require time and physical effort. Not everyone is willing to kick town to level up and add to the Pokedex.

Accounts are available for sale with levels 20 and up. You can buy collections of unique Pokémon and up to stardust. For about $25, you can have a Pokémon GO account that makes your competitors envy you. Having a level 35 account can cost you only $20.

As a fashion game, Clash Royale also has an excellent market for buying and selling. It is common to find accounts on eBay, Thousand Ads, and other secondary sites. You get levels and sand higher than 7, with gems, loaded with coins – the temptation is strong. Games like Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, and FIFA Mobile have an account market of their own.


Using an account acquired from someone else will not land you in jail. Of course: there are several risks that you assume regardless of who sells it to you. For example:

I. Swindle. It is quite common to get scammed in this type of business. After all, you don’t know the person who sells you the account (usually). And since access to it implies access to an email address, only the owner of that email can restore and manage it. What happens if the password changes? You run out of account and money.

II. Ban. We will make this point later, but it is essential to emphasize it here: they can kick you out of the game without you having the option to claim.

III. Lack of motivation. The primary motive for multiplayer games is to advance. If you buy direct advancement, you end up running out of inspiration. You lose not only the money but also the interest. This article from Riot Games, developers of League of Legends, clarifies first-hand all the risks of buying and selling game accounts. It is worth reading.



You are not allowed to do transactions that are not under the same name. For example, this is what Niantic says in Pokémon GO: Any sale, transfer, or exchange (or attempt to do so) is banned and may result in the cancellation of your account.

Supercell, developer of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, also makes it very clear in its conditions of use:

You will not sell, rent, or disclose your account, or create an account using false information or identity, or on behalf of anyone other than yourself. In short, if the developers detect that you are playing with a charge that is not yours or that you sold your account to someone else, it is likely that they will ban you. And detection is not too complicated. It is enough that there are several logins to raise suspicions. If someone sold the account to you, nothing prevents them from continuing to sell it to someone else.



Games are for fun. Buying accounts can undoubtedly help beginners, but many developers discourage selling accounts for money. There will always be someone to sell accounts if you want to avoid the effort, but make sure you don’t get scammed. We know how complicated it is to move forward and that, when it comes to free-to-play games like Pokémon GO, this progress is challenging. However, we also believe that the essence of these games is to overcome all the challenges yourself. Enjoy each level up after the relevant effort. Why skip all those good times?

Nonetheless, buying and selling accounts lets you enjoy terrific benefits, save you time, and offer you opportunities to play with the best players. Scammers even rip people off, so don’t buy it from platforms and sellers who are not popular.

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