Download Your Apple Music For Free

Music streaming services have occupied a niche space and capitalized on how people should consume their music content in this digital era. Suffice it to say that streaming music proved its place in the industry and now is one of the most popular forms of how artists get their music out these days. The top 2 music streaming services currently are Spotify and Apple Music, and both give its users the ability to download music – provided they have a plan.

Download Your Apple Music

But let’s say you’re strapped for cash but still want to have your music on the go with you? Well, not to worry because there are several things you can do to download music without paying for it. In this article, we’ve collated the best ways to convert Apple streaming music into files that you can play whenever, wherever. Besides this, you might want to check out a way to download Apple music and listen to your favorite songs.

Download Your Apple Music For Free

Why convert?

If you want to download Apple Music songs, you need to have a subscription. There are four options right now for subscriptions: Student, Individual Monthly, Individual Yearly, and Family. It’s common knowledge that the music from streaming services has digital rights management protection, which means, once your subscription is up, your playlists, downloads, and added music to your profile won’t be available for access anymore.

This is where you can circumvent things. Converting DRM music to any music file, whether its .mp3, .aac, etc, makes the songs DRM-free. That means you can store the converted file on your cloud storage, or ROM, and will have access to it anytime, anywhere – without paying for it monthly. The question now is, how do you convert these files?

DRmare Apple Music Downloader

The answer to that question is to find a music converter app. Yes, you read that right. Those converter apps that you use in the olden days to record and cut music are as useful now as they were a few years ago. For music downloaded from streaming services like Apple Music, one of the best music converters to use is DRmare.

The app is lightweight, free, and is straightforward. While it can’t sync to your Apple Music profile, it has one of the best turnaround times when it comes to conversion. With DRmare, you can convert one average-length song in as short as 20 seconds. That means an entire album can be yours forever in no more than 7 minutes of converting. 

The first step to do when using DRmare is to sync your iTunes Media Library to the app. We recommend that you do this on a desktop because it will be more intuitive. The app is also easier to navigate when you have a wider screen. Once you share your media library, you can then start converting. The length of conversion time depends on how big and heavy your files are.

The best alternative: Sidify Apple Music Converter

Not feeling DRmare? Then you’re in luck because there are many alternatives out there. Sidify, for example, is an excellent DRM-stripper and can convert music files to several formats, including the standard .mp3 and .aac plus the more detail-oriented .wav and .flac. The app’s interface is also simplistic – you just add the songs you want to convert, choose your output format, wait for a while, and voila! 


The trend seems to be that streaming music and all types of content will be around for the next couple of decades. So we recommend that if you can, get yourself a subscription. Music is transformative. It makes everything better, and sometimes, no amount of money can top that. In the meantime, do the recommendations above to download your music legally.

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