Burgess Motors: Relays and Switches

Burgess Motors are manufactured in a Swiss International company, the leading supplier of microswitches, control systems, synchronous motors, stepper motors, and electromagnets. The motors that SAIA-BURGESS offers provide industrial standards when it comes to airflow control. The applications where these are used need the maximum reliability and highest quality. Now, Burgess motors need switches and relays to operate and deliver stellar performance. This article will discuss the burgess motors: relays and switches. Let’s dive in!

Relays and Switches

Burgess motors employ the following relays and switches: 

  • Snap Action Switches (Microswitches)

Mechanical switches that generate a quick contact transfer from one end to another are known as snap-action switches. They are valuable in situations that need a rapid closing or opening of a circuit, like an appliance or mouse button setting. 

Microswitches have a unique feature that produces a massive signal at the electrical links, and it is the actuator button. 

Most burgers motor display hysteresis, a process where a slight reversal of an actuator is not enough to swap the contacts. It needs a significant movement in the other direction. Both these features help to gain a reliable and clean interruption to a switched motor circuit. 

  • Panel Mount Switch

Burgess motors have panel mount switches that are useful in various industries. They come in different sub-miniature and miniature slides, rockers, toggles, and different-sized push buttons. 

The switches are made to position themselves outside an enclosure. All kinds of termination styles are available – surface-mount, solder lugs, and through-hole. 

  • TIPPMATIC Auto Shut-Off

Burgess motors mostly use TIPPMATIC shut-off switches. They are energy-saving, thus giving you an energy-friendly experience. 

It works when a current of 1A flows through your switch coil for around 3 milliseconds. The coil automatically turns off, preventing any overheating. 

  • Smart Meter Relays

The electric lines rely on the Burgess motors’ latching and bi-stable electric smart meters to offer the highest electrical performance. 

The bi-stable smart meter relays employ innovative tech to ensure short bounce, high lifetime, and precise switching. 

Also, its latching disconnect relays offer the most outstanding magnetic resistance in opposition to the external magnetic fields. The smart relays generally have an 80-200 Amp switching ability. Its compact design gives the minimum contact resistance to give the highest grid efficiency. 

  • Manually operated switch

Some burgess motors also use a switch that is operated by hand. There are many manually operated switches to choose from – push-button switches, selector switches, knife switches, and toggle switches. 

Final Thoughts

The Saia Burgess company has stepper and synchronous motors that use the relays and switches mentioned above. 

If you are thinking of purchasing electronic motors, you know where to go!

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