Best Cloud-Based Accounting Applications in Business Finance

The best way to manage business finance and accounting is with the help of cloud-based accounting software. The best cloud accounting software helps in seamlessly managing the accounts and keeping track of the business finances at all times. 

In this article, we have listed the best cloud accounting applications in the market that are sure to assist you in your business.

1. QuickBooks Online Accounting Software

QuickBooks Enterprises provides a complete accounting solution for all your needs. It takes care of end to end financial management for small businesses and helps in managing inventory, generating reports, as well as the payroll. It also allows the administrator to control access, ensuring that everyone has the necessary data to work effectively. This also prevents access to confidential and sensitive data.

Best Cloud-Based Accounting Applications in Business Finance

QuickBooks’s advanced inventory control ensures that the user can track the inventory with this software. The advanced pricing system allows the user to automate or customize the pricing. The reporting system comes with pre-filled data, which reduces the chances of data input errors.

2. FreshBooks Online Accounting Application

FreshBooks is one of the best cloud accounting software that offers a cloud-based accounting solution for daily expense automation, invoicing, report generation, time-tracking, as well as payments. This solution can be easily accessed from any mobile platform, making it easy to collaborate between the teams. 

FreshBooks accounting application ensures that a business stays on the top of their finances. It generates reports quickly and allows one to analyze them effectively.

3. Xero – SaaS Accounting Application

This is the best cloud accounting software for bank reconciliation, managing invoices, purchasing, and inventory management. It has a beautiful and user-friendly design. The software can be easily integrated with several third-party apps, ensuring seamless data flow into it.

Xero can be used by multiple users without needing any extra licenses. The cloud-based software adds new features regularly and releases upgrades every three or six months to assist the subscribers with the best accounting solutions.

4. Giddh Cloud Accounting Software

Giddh is one of the best cloud-based accounting software in the market that fits the needs of all types of businesses. It provides the user with the best features of online accounting, including bank reconciliation, invoice generation, inventory management, sharing data, API integration, and so on. 

It has bank-level security; hence you are assured of complete protection for your data. Additionally, it also has a multiple-currency solution, which ensures that you are able to support your international clients with ease.

5. Wave Accounting Software 

Wave is another cloud accounting software that focuses on small businesses with less than 10 employees. It takes care of accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, budgeting, payroll, as well as report generation. Wave gives the right insight into the business about how to plan their expenses while reducing expenditure. It helps the business concentrate on where it needs to spend more. 

The application is easy to understand and can be used by even new users. Features, such as automatic billing and invoicing, save a lot of time for the users.

6. Zoho books Finance Management Software

Zoho Books offers a one-stop accounting solution for firms that are looking to manage their finances effectively. It ensures that all the necessary monetary actions are streamlined under a single hub. This cloud accounting solution also reminds the business about initiating the payment promptly. It keeps a tab on all payment requests and bills. 

An important feature of the ZohoBooks is that it can easily adjust and manage finances according to the project. This cloud suite is beneficial, irrespective of the company size. 

7. NetSuite Online Business Accounting Software

NetSuite is another highly scalable accounting software that assists new businesses and startups in managing all their accounting needs. This SaaS application is quite flexible and fulfills all the requirements of the business without needing any costly customizations. 

The NetSuite accounting application helps businesses in standardizing their processes and creating better financial plans. It also helps in identifying and eliminating any problems that might arise early in the budget. 

8. Tally ERP Cloud Accounting Solution

Tally ERP is well-known and the best cloud accounting software in the market. It takes care of accounting, compliance, as well as inventory management. There are several functionalities in this software that help in boosting small and mid-range businesses. Tally is a user-friendly software that even a beginner can learn. 

Another good point of this software is that it is highly secure. Managers can easily assign different access levels to employees for protecting confidential information. It keeps track of daily transactions and cash flow. It also helps in managing the balance sheet while keeping the data synchronized.


Every business is different, and accordingly, the type of accounting software required for a business may vary from one to another. The above was the list of the best cloud according to applications in the market. You can choose one that suits your business the most.

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