Anvi Folder Locker Free Download

If you have to share your computer with someone, it is necessary thing to do some precautions to maintain your privacy. Anvi Folder Locker makes sure that your personal data would be safe and secure. 

In this digital world, most of our privacy is about digital data. It may be personal documents, business documents, some personal pictures and videos, and much more. When we have to share our PC with someone, we are worried about our privacy for sure. The best thing is to install any folder locker or hider to secure your personal data. Anvi Folder Locker is the best among them all due to its magical features and simple nature.

Anvi Folder Locker has many exciting features. You can not only lock any folder with a strong password but also hide it from the hard disk. It means you can secure your private data to a next level secure program. It is very easy and simple to use a folder locker. A person who does not even know much about these kinds of software can also use this. This app is amazing as it secure your data from others, there is best company in melbourne which is developing such apps, you can check here- Mobile app development Melbourne

Most of the folder locker software is paid and has a monthly or yearly subscription fee. But Anvi Folder locker is a free application that protects your data and can also hide it from others. It is also a plus point that makes Anvi Folder Locker unique from the other. 


How Do I Uninstall Anvi Folder Locker Without a Master Password?

Password is an essential key to get access to your Anvi Folder Locker. Without it, you can not get access to the settings to uninstall it. Furthermore, you can not uninstall Anvi Folder Locker completely without knowing the master password by any means. There must be some hidden files or lock files present even after uninstalling by other means.

How Do I Unlock Anvi Folder Locker?

It is very easy to unlock any file in Anvi Folder Locker. You simply have to enter your password to get access to the file or documents and then unlock it. But if you have forgotten your locker password somehow, it would be the toughest task ever to get access. Because there is no support team to help you reset your App’s password. 

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