5 Advantages of Custom Built PC for Gaming

The average gaming computer price is approximately $1,200. High-performance PCs even cost higher, as prices can still go up to over $2,000, depending on the brand, model, and specs. But this should not deter you from owning one. Before, consumers are only limited to pre-built computers. Now, you can buy a Custom Built PC for gaming that lets you enjoy several advantages from even a small computer shop.

5 Advantages of Custom Built PC for Gaming


Often, mass-produced custom built PCs for gaming have high selling prices because of the brand. People pay a premium for the perceived value of brand equity. Then there is the added cost of distribution imposed by retailers. However, the cost of production, if you were to build your gaming computer, is lower than the market price. Depending on your requirements, you can have a low-cost gaming computer with your $500. The custom built PC for gaming is always recommended as first choice because a powerful Performance development plan with graphics card and other accessories has already been done by the gamer to have the best gaming experience.

Design Control

Customising your computer not only allows you to control your budget but also exercise control over the design and specifications. How convenient it is to own a gaming computer that suits your needs perfectly. You can also increase memory or change the motherboard as your needs change over time. You can even wear a bright yellow case if you wish to.

You can also conveniently adjust specifications as your budget allows. For instance, if you prioritise storage over sound or graphic quality, then you can invest in a massive hard drive over high-end audio or graphic cards.

Parts-based Warranty

Pre-built computer manufacturers offer a warranty only after sale and revoke it when you fail to follow the guidelines, which is sometimes tricky and tight. If you do so much as open the case for a check, the warranty no longer applies. For a Custom Built PC, the warranty applies to computer parts. You can exchange faulty parts within the warranty period, despite previous checks and repairs made.

Convenient Repair

Diagnosing the problem is convenient for a customised PC. You know the parts installed, as well as the computer shop who built it. Mass-produced computers pass on the repairs to their customer service centres. Although highly skilled, the computer technician is not the builder or creator. He may not have extensive knowledge of every part and the manufacturing process.

Similar to home construction, the architect and engineer who builds a house can diagnose and repair its problems better more than anyone. Upgrading custom built gaming computers is also convenient and affordable. You can choose to upgrade specific parts only while keeping the others intact.

Increased Knowledge

You may be accustomed to calling customer service at the slightest problem with your Custom Built PC. However, when you opt for customisation, you become more technologically savvy. It urges you to research more about computer parts and become familiar with how the entire computer system works.

In effect, by customising, you learn a valuable skill. You can always contact your computer shop for assistance. Yet, at the very least, you have an idea of the problem the next time your audio or the LCD acts up.

Creating a personal gaming PC from scratch brings you pride and satisfaction. You will realise that it is manageable, provided that you have a trusted shop partner. Perhaps, in the future, you can even create a DIY gaming computer with tools and parts from a reliable computer shop.

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