4 Best Games On Steam That You Should Play During Quarantine

Are you bored in this pandemic? because you can’t think about what games to play and you probably don’t know what to do.? For a gamer like you, this would be the most advantageous situation in your gaming life. These lists of games can help you get rid of boredom, Also, these games can be played on Steam so you don’t have to worry about finding the games.

4 Best Games On Steam

Devil May Cry 5

It took 11 years of waiting but it looks like CAPCOM finally figured out what to do with their iconic hack and slash series. This game always belongs to the top lists of best pc games all over the year. After the slightly polarizing results of Ninja Theory’s DMC reboot, which changed too many things for comfort, this 5th main installment seems to have nailed the balance.

It brings back two favorite demon slayers, Nero with his new robot appendage and Dante with his grey hair. But, DMC5 also brought a new character in V, whose demon companions give an added edge to the entry. As a series built on making demon-slaying as stylish as ever, Devil May Cry 5 is definitely equipped with next-level visuals.

However, for most reviewers, what really sets it apart is its combat. PC Gamers similarly praised the game for its greater variety of combat styles and a higher degree of challenge. Aside from combat, its renewed focus on story and characters also makes it a standout in a series that’s mostly been praised for its straightforward action.

The Defender: Farm And Castle

This free Steam game takes us back to the good old browser game days when games didn’t look like much but offered full functionality that could last you at least a whole afternoon’s entertainment. The Defender is just that, harkening back to the addictive Base Defense games of that era.

Play the archer and mount a defense against the many monsters that come towards your precious castle. Upgrade and build weapons and potions by day, and shoot it out nonstop at nightfall. While it’s short and not all that strategic, it’s perfect for casuals with a few hours to kill.

Neon Boost

Ever wondered what it feels like to be in an 80s music video? Neon Boost is your best chance, with its neon-lit sci-fi stage and synth-wave-inspired soundtrack. At its core, Neon Boost is a simple platformer game in which most of the challenge lies clearing the stage as fast as you can. Shoot through the walls and use the same gun to give you a boost through those difficult jumps.

For a free game, it’s pretty loaded with content it has 3 different worlds to choose from and 72 levels which gets over so slightly harder as you go. For cyber fans with a flair for neon acrobatics, this game is one of the most epics you would love to play.

Backbone: Prologue

EggNut’s noir-inspired adventure puts you into the shoes of a Racoon Detective sniffing out clues and solving mysteries. Despite its FREE tag, it makes up for its brilliant design and narrative. Set in a bleak dystopian world, traverse different districts, and meet some of its anthropomorphic cast.

Also packed with a smooth jazz soundtrack, every little question posed before you is a perfect set up its atmosphere, story, and characters. There’s a lot to digest here.


Some gamers are picky for what they want to play. There are so many games out there for you that you probably didn’t even that fits for you. However, ratings of a game don’t matter for a real gamer as long as you enjoy it for sure that’s the real deal. 

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